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Posted by Crystal Z on Monday, August 10, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization (A.K.A. SEO) is nowhere near ‘one size fits all’. It needs to be customized to fit your enterprise and your needs. Just because your site is coming up in search engines doesn’t mean you will get visitors, and just because you have visitors doesn’t mean they will be interested in your product or service. Google’s way of listing websites has changed significantly. “Google Places” is their new way of listing businesses. Certain SEO tactics can be used to make sure that your business is listed on both Google Places and Google organic rankings. Don’t waste your time and energy on an SEO company that sounds too good to be true, make sure they have the credentials and numbers to backup their promises. Learn how to choose the right SEO company for you below.

How will the SEO firm determine which keywords will be the target of your optimization efforts?
Research is an important element to SEO success. If they don’t have a research program, your project likely will not be successful. You need to understand how they plan and if it is reasonable.

Will the optimization program include an analysis of your site’s design, navigation, coding, content and incoming links?
A good SEO firm will be able to provide you with recommendations on improving other areas of your site that either affects search engine placement or the site visitor’s experience (graphical design). Site design (layout and graphics) has no bearing on proper search engine optimization, but site coding, content, and incoming/outgoing links do.

Will they also analyze your competitors’ sites to determine what sites in your industry are performing well and why?
If there is no competitive analysis, then how will they know how to target your competitors online? A website should be part of your overall business strategy. If your SEO Company doesn’t understand the difference between your online and offline competitors, then they probably won’t understand how to target them.

Will the SEO firm be writing your content or will they work with existing content?
If the firm does not have someone who specializes in SEO copy-writing, look elsewhere.

Does the SEO vendor have a link strategy for your site and the ability to promote your site through content on appropriate third-party sites (i.e., article directories, blogs, video, images)?
This should be a given. If they do not have a link strategy, then they won’t be any good. They also need to learn how to employ white hat search techniques and NOT black howat search techniques that could get you banned by Google.

Ask prospective SEO firms to scope out how they would optimize your site. What on-page and off-page tactics will they be using? The reality is they can’t know this until they have done the proper analysis. If they have a detailed plan before they have strategized with you and conducted their research, then there is a reasonable likelihood they won’t target the right keywords. They company to know about your business before a keyword discussion can even begin. The most appropriate answer to this question is that this plan is built after the initial strategy session.

Brainjar Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in website SEO services and content marketing for social media. Located in Downtown Gresham, we have over two decades of experience with a successful track record. Brainjar Media practices the most effective SEO strategies and has successfully optimized some of the largest brands in America. Contact or call us today at 503.492.6500 for a free Website Report Card.


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Brainjar Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in website SEO services and content marketing for social media. Located in Downtown Gresham, we have over two decades of experience with a successful track record. Our work has been praised in the Wall Street Journal, Barrion's Magazine and the Portland Tribune. We have worked for some of the top brands like Intel, Microsoft, NASCAR and Pendleton Woolen Mills. 


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