How Important is Click Through Rate?

Posted by Guy Edwards on Friday, September 18, 2015

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What is Click-Through Rate? Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the measurement of how many users click on a specific link compared to the total number of users exposed to the link. This metric is typically used to determine the effectiveness of an advertising or email campaign. In 2014, a Moz case study provided evidence indicating a good click-through rate could also increase a webpage’s ranking in search results. Conflicting evidence was revealed  when Bartosz Góralewicz shared the results of his experiment displaying how click-through rate is not a ranking factor. So now what? How Important is Click-Through Rate? Read Search Engine Land‘s Jayson DeMers analysis of the importance of CTR today, below.

Is Click-Through Rate A Useless Metric?

Absolutely not. It’s important to pay attention to your CTR — on search engine results pages, as well as any other opportunities where your customers click on your material. It’s the final gateway that stands between your potential visitors and your actual visitors.

If you find that your CTR is exceptionally low, it’s your responsibility to work to improve it:

  • Be as concise as possible by using fewer words to carry your message.
  • Describe your site as accurately — and as appealingly — as possible with value propositions and unambiguous wording.
  • Stay up-to-date so your descriptions fall exactly in line with your vision.
  • Imply a sense of urgency without resorting to petty click-bait style tactics.
  • Use the power of headlines to anchor user interest.

Click-through rate is by no means a useless metric — improving the CTRs of your search engine entries, ads, and posts is extremely valuable in earning you more traffic. However, it probably won’t increase your search engine rankings directly. Understanding this distinction will allow you to approach CTR appropriately and avoid wasting time pursuing a ranking strategy that simply doesn’t work.

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