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Posted by The SEO Specialists at Brainjar on Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Brainjar Media has helped a wide variety of businesses, corporations, and local organizations. We love that we get to work with such a diverse group of clients, each offering their own unique challenges. Here is another case from our portfolio that showcases our range of expertise. 

Jim Neill Golf Tournament

Jim Neill Golf Tournament is a charity golf tournament hosted at the Eastmoreland Golf Course in Portland, Oregon. Each year the Jim Neill Memorial Foundation selects a not-for-profit 501c3 charity to be the beneficiary of the annual golf tournament. In addition, the foundation identifies a community advocate to begin the tournament with the first tee shot of the day. When we first started working for them their website would not allow users from the browser Internet Explorer to buy a reservation spot online. Learn how we fixed and improved their e-commerce, and improved their audience reach by redesigning their Logo, Brand ID, and Website Design.


Before Brainjar was contacted, Jim Neill’s e-commerce would not work for users on Internet Explorer. This created a problem as they had to put a long paragraph on their website explaining how to navigate this problem. We went in and not only fixed the problem, but streamlined the whole registration process, making it easier to use. After we streamlined the process, all available registration spots for the event had been filled for the first time, proving that user experience is a major factor in a successful website.

Logo & Brand ID

In 2017 we were contacted again by Jim Neill this time to redesign their Logo and Brand ID as well as their website. A logo is a big part of any business. Think of McDonald’s, Nike, or Apple. You often think of the image associated with the brand first. We cleaned up and simplified their old design, still keeping it recognizable while also adding a refreshing new take.

Website Design

After Jim Neill learned that we were a full-service digital marketing agency they hired us on to also increase registration through SEO. By improving their website through meta tags using targeted keywords and phrases, and improving the content of the website with increased usage of those same keywords and phrases.

At Brainjar Media we are dedicated to making sure your business, corporation or organization reaches the people you want it to. We practice only the most effective SEO strategies and successfully optimized some of the largest brands in America. Contact Brainjar Media for your Search Engine Optimization needs or call us at 503.492.6500.

Read more about our client Jim Neill on our Portfolio page.

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