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Posted by The SEO Specialists at Brainjar on Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Brainjar Media has helped a wide variety of businesses, corporations, and local organizations. We love that we get to work with such a diverse group of clients, each offering their own unique challenges. Each client in our portfolio calls for a different of strategies that showcases our range of expertise.

Frenzi Frozen Yogurt is a small locally owned self-serve frozen yogurt shop in downtown Gresham. When they came to us they wanted to make sure they could be seen online by the close-knit community around them. This wasn’t just about creating traffic, this was about making sure their online presence matched the feel of their physical store: bright, cheerful, and welcoming. To do this we focused on local SEO, redesigned their website, and utilized socia media to build up an audience for them.

Here are some of the basic strategies we employed.

Local SEO

Small local businesses are who we love to work with. There is such a huge potential for growth there and we love to see our clients build and grow. One of the specific ways we do this is with Local SEO. For this, we target locations specifically based around your businesses area. For Frenzi we knew that promoting in the local area was going to be paramount. To make sure they could be found in the downtown area we did bigger things like adding them to Google My Business and small things like adding their address in the header and footer of their website.

Website Design

Speaking of websites, we were lucky enough to do a complete redesign of their website. We matched the look and feel of their business to the website. The atmosphere of a website is just as important as the text. There should be a balance, of course. Too many pretty pictures and your website may not load properly, and there won’t be room for important text for the humans and robots to read, but people should want to go to your business when they see your website and that’s what we wanted to accomplish for Frenzi.

Social Media

Building an audience on Facebook is a huge part of our process. It’s great to have a beautiful website but if nobody can see it, then what’s the point? When Google sees people coming from Facebook to your website, it realizes it is more important, and your search ranking goes up. For Frenzi, we built an audience through frequent blogging and posting those blogs on Facebook accompanied by beautiful pictures. Announcements like Waffle Bowl Wednesday and New Flavors helped Frenzi build a relationship with its audience, getting them excited, and checking back for new updates! 

At Brainjar Media we are dedicated to making sure your business, corporation, or organization reaches the people you want it to. We practice only the most effective SEO strategies and successfully optimized some of the largest brands in America. Contact Brainjar Media for your Search Engine Optimization needs or call us at 503.492.6500 for a consultation.

Read more about our client Frenzi Frozen Yogurt on our Portfolio page.

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