6 Tips To Get Customers to Promote Your Brand

Posted by Guy Edwards on Friday, March 13, 2015


Why should you do all the work? All great products and services get their customers to promote their products. Besides having a great product or service is there a way to get your customers in a frenzy and share their love for what you offer? There’s definitely ways you can prime the pump. Below are 6 recommendations from MarketingProfs.com.

  1.  Communicate regularly. Reach out and always respond to your customers (even if they are complaining on Facebook) to make sure they always get the help and support they need. Don’t forget to thank them, too.
  2. Stay relevant. Position yourself as a thought leader and report the latest industry news before any of your competitors. Be sure to post breaking stories and offer recaps of recent research reports. That can drive social likes and shares, as well as links to your website.
  3. Engage with images. Strive to provide a user-friendly website or blog experience that’s eye-catching, even if your visitors’ attention is divided between their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Content can range from custom infographics to breathtaking photos or thought-provoking videos.
  4. Offer curated video content. Content curation is defined as “the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic.” Curation can help you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content and who can spread the word about your brand.
  5. Ask for help. Speak directly to your followers in an attempt to gain even more of their attention. Ask them questions about themselves and how your product fits into their lives. Hold contests that get them talking about your brand. Or place a shout-out to your fans, asking them to contribute a creative caption for an image or fill-in-the-blank post.
  6. Cultivate internal team building. Don’t forget that creating unique content can engage your employees, too, an important point that doesn’t always get recognized. By creating brand ambassadors from within your business, you are showing customers a completely different product perspective. It also reminds everyone about why they are doing what they do for the company.

At Brainjar Media we know how to get your customers excited about your products and services. Call or contact us today.

SRC: Read more at: http://www.marketingprofs.com/opinions/2015/27106/why-your-customers-need-to-be-happy-about-being-your-customers#ixzz3SgetwFS5

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