5 Things To Consider During Your Website Development (E-Commerce)

Posted by Brainjar Media on Friday, April 28, 2017

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Even if you have a brick-and-mortar business your first impression with a potential customer or client is typically not face-to-face. Someone’s first interaction with your company is most commonly with your website. If your website is hard to navigate, too busy or simply unattractive you could have already lost the sale without them ever stepping foot through your doors. Proper website development is not only the creation of a website, it is the development of a great user-experience, an organized layout, appropriate use of colors, fonts, strategic landing pages and more. If you prioritize a well-developed website for your company you’ll notice an increase of returning visitors, improved user behavior and higher conversion rates. Your website is typically the first interaction your customer will have with your business, don’t let it be the last. Read 5 things to consider during your website development below. 

Design For Great User Interface

No matter how beautiful a website it, it needs to work properly. If your website has a different layout for each page, the constant change can be overwhelming to your users. Don’t make your website so complicated that it makes your users feel computer illiterate. Allow your users to feel empowered by design your website to have a great user interface.

Steer Clear Of Gimmicks

We’ve all seen it, that impressive new way of displaying a video or the background changing as you move your mouse. Stop. It was neat the first time but nobody wants to wait for a page to load just to scroll past the flashing gimmick they didn’t really need. You can have a sophisticated website without weighing it down with gimmicks that lose their impact after one visit.

Navigation Should Be Simple

A website’s navigation is like the steering wheel of a car. Anyone can jump in and know how to navigate but when you change the location of your navigation you’re really hiding the steering wheel. You’re better off empowering your users with a familiar navigation located where they would expect to find it and make sure it remains the same on all of your pages.

Develop Strong Landing Pages

Before you have your website developed you should already know which of your current web pages are the most important or visited. These pages should concentrate on one subject or service and be optimized accordingly to reduce bounce rate. These landing pages should also be designed to funnel users to more internal pages to expose them to more information and obtain a longer session duration.

Streamline Your E-Commerce Process

The more information you ask for in any form the fewer submissions you’ll receive. If your e-commerce store is step-up to collect too much information or takes your through several pages in order to checkout you’ll lose sales. When you streamline your e-commerce store you can increase your online sales.

Want more? Check out this short video below that emphasizes what is important about a good user-interface.

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Bottom line? We help your website get found through Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. We help you define your goals, we can find out what kind of SEO your competition is doing and we can do it better. Everything we do comes with measurable results. If you want more leads, phone calls, foot traffic or sales -- we can help you.