4 Tips To Manage Mobile SEO

Posted by Guy Edwards on Friday, September 25, 2015

Brainjar Media_6 Tips to Manage the Growing Importance of Mobile SEO

If you’re managing a small business, a growing company or even an international corporation your Mobile SEO matters! It has been publicly known since April 14th, 2015 with Google’s release of a specific algorithm auditing webpages for mobile optimization, that mobile SEO was here to stay. Without optimizing your website for mobile users your mobile search engine ranking will go down or even disappear completely. Learn 4 Tips to Manage your business’ Mobile SEO below.

  1. Structuring your SEO Initiative for Desktop & Mobile

To embrace mobile, the first thing to ensure is a shift in mindset, both internally and externally (agencies). Consider how you are currently organising your SEO initiative and segment it into 2 areas: Desktop and Mobile. In doing so, you will start thinking about how your target demographic will experience your brand and what their expectations will be, depending on device.

  1. Understand how your customers use Mobile, and what their expectations are

Recent research published by Com Score reveals that mobile accounts for 56% of time spent online in the UK, with 72% of the 47M population still combining desktop and mobile. Put together a test group, or work with your agency to conduct an analysis through Google Analytics to determine how your current customers are behaving on Mobile and on Desktop. This will allow you to clearly understand what potential buyers are trying to do when from mobile, so that you can tailor your website’s mobile experience to fit market needs.

  1. Setup independent tracking and reporting for Mobile

To develop your mobile offering, you need to be able to track mobile activity independently to desktop. Integrate separate goals through Adwords & Analytics, use mobile tagged placeholders within your call tracking, and ensure you’re working on a relevant attribution model so that you can attribute value to mobile where appropriate. This structure will also provide you with a consistent set of statistics to measure ongoing performance and make informed decisions as your mobile initiative evolves.

  1. Keep an eye on the Competition

Providing your mobile website adheres to Google’s guidelines and is “mobile- friendly”, your website will appear in mobile search results with the tag “mobile-friendly”. Keeping abreast of what competing websites (that rank for your terms) look like and are offering users is a good way to ensure your mobile experience works. Conduct searches on mobile on a regular basis to analyse competitors but also to see how your website performs, particularly across Android and IoS.

Brainjar Media provides Mobile-Friendly Website Development and Mobile SEO. If you’re not optimized for mobile devices give Brainjar Media a call at 503.492.6500 or contact Brainjar Media by email.


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