Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target. The way Google, Bing, and Yahoo (the robots) index your website changes daily. The way people (the humans) search for things on the web changes daily. If the robots and the humans are constantly changing, then how does Brainjar Media do such a great job at optimizing website for search engines? Two words; fundamentals and geeky research.

We can optimize your site for almost any key phrase, how do we pick the key phrases people will search for? We use the fundamentals to define your target and exhaustive research to find the most relevant and popular key phrases.

A great example: Most used car lots prefer to use the term “pre-owned vehicles”. Conventional wisdom says we like to buy things that sound nice, but euphemisms don’t work online. When people are searching for a pre-owned vehicle they type “used car”.  Does anybody type “pre owned vehicles”? Almost no one and we can prove it.

We use nifty interactive charts with data directly from Google, like the one below, to make our case. Go ahead and mouse around the interactive graph. Notice the red flat line indicates ZERO searches for “pre owned vehicles”.

We can even use the same type of charts to see up and coming keywords. See below. We added the key phrase “used car for sale”. It is not as popular as “used cars” but it is heading in the right trajectory.

How detailed is our research? Look how much a difference one letter makes in optimization. In the next graph we compare the key phrases “used car for sale” vs. “used cars for sale”.

Okay, now we are just showing off. We would love to geek out on the perfect Search Engine Optimization for your industry and business. Call us and we can give you a preview that applies directly to your business. 503.929.7436


Brainjar Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in website SEO services and content marketing for social media. Located in Downtown Gresham, we have over two decades of experience with a successful track record. Our work has been praised in the Wall Street Journal, Barrion's Magazine and the Portland Tribune. We have worked for some of the top brands like Intel, Microsoft, NASCAR and Pendleton Woolen Mills. 


Bottom line? We help your website get found through Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. We help you define your goals, we can find out what kind of SEO your competition is doing and we can do it better. Everything we do comes with measurable results. If you want more leads, phone calls, foot traffic or sales -- we can help you.