Learn How Online Customer Reviews Help SEO

Posted by Guy Edwards on Monday, August 31, 2015

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows for users to find your website using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. SEO includes many different aspects, one of those aspects entailing online reviews. Online reviews influence your search engine viability due to search engine’s algorithms including them in the ranking process. According to Moz, review signals ranked 5th among the most important search-engine ranking factors. Below is a list of review signals that can contribute or deduct from your websites search engine viability. 

Review signals are different aspects of a company’s review profile online and include:

1. Review quantity

The more reviews you have, the better. According to BrightLocal’s survey, you need seven to 10 reviews before most people trust you.

2. Review velocity

How quickly reviews are posted for your business. Too fast, and you’ll get dinged.

3. Review diversity

How many sites have reviews for your business

4. Quantity of third-party traditional reviews

How many reviews your business has on sites not owned by Google

5. Authority of third-party sites where reviews are present

Some customer review sites have greater authority with Google than others.

6. Overall velocity of reviews (native and third party)

How quickly your business is accruing reviews, both on Google properties (a.k.a. “native”) and other review sites.

7. Volume of testimonials in review

This refers to the reviews used in microdata, also called “rich snippets.” Here’s where to see that:

8. Quantity of native Google Maps reviews with text

Google’s reviews started out on Google Maps.

9. Diversity of third-party sites that have reviews

How many different customer review sites have reviews for your business?

10. Product or service keywords in reviews.

It helps to have keywords in reviews, but don’t overdo them.

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SRC: Learn more about How Online Customer Reviews Help SEO and Drive Sales Growth at: www.entrepreneur.com/article/248176

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