How Do I Create Great Content for SEO?

Posted by Guy Edwards on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

This month we are starting a series of case studies that will demonstrate how you can create great SEO for your website. We are using Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors (see image above)  to showcase examples of Brainjar leveraging these factors for SEO success. 

Our first topic is Content Quality. Cq in the first column of the periodic table.



Since 2000, All About Automotive has been building a reputable car and truck repair business in Gresham, Oregon simply by developing long-term relationships with auto owners through honest business practices, competence, and good old fashioned customer service. 

When people visit an auto repair website they already expect to see a list of services and self-promotion. But these expected pages do not add value to the visitors. Expected content is not great content. All About Automotive solves this by blogging about topics auto owners care about. When do I change my spark plugs? Should I purchase a salvaged car? How do I know when my clutch is worn out? What does the Check Engine light mean? These are examples of great content; people stay on the site longer, they learn something and there is no hard sell. 

All of these are topics auto-owners care about. How do we know? Because the analytics show that people are spending 5-8 minutes reading these posts that average around 500 words. Trust us, Google pays attention. The other benefit is these topics do not get diluted. When you dedicate a whole post to spark plugs, Google assumes you are an authority on spark plugs AND auto repair. Instead of listing it once on your page of services—now when somebody searches for Replacing or Changing Spark Plugs in Gresham you can bet All About Automotive will be the first website to be seen. You can even take it a step further. Remember the key is to create value for the visitors. Do you think auto owners care more about air conditioning in the summer? Of course, they do. Creating content that is topical and seasonal is easy—it is also low-hanging fruit. Currently, All About Automotive ranks #1 for over 100 search terms related to the auto repair industry in Gresham. 

So how do I apply this to my business? 

  1. Install Google Analytics. (Here’s a helpful video and some instructions.) This will let you know, without a doubt, what your visitors care about. 
  2. Start blogging. At first, you will need to write about anything related to your product or service. Eventually, the analytics will determine which topics resonate the most. 
  3. Don’t sell. You can have a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the blog, but try to provide something that has real value to your visitors. 

Why am I doing this?

  1. To have your visitors spend more time on your site. Google assumes more time means higher quality content.
  2. To create stronger associations to the keywords and questions people type into Google. 

Can’t I just hire Brainjar Media to do this for me? Absolutely, as you can see this is only one of 37 factors we focus on to help our clients get found. Read about our great track record with local businesses in the Portland Tribune. Call us today at 503.492.6500 or use our contact form


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