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Posted by The SEO Specialists at Brainjar on Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Brainjar Media has helped a wide variety of businesses, corporations, and local organizations. We love that we get to work with such a diverse group of clients, each offering their own unique challenges and all part of a portfolio which allows us to showcase our range of expertise.

Bend Kitty Lodge is a small cat boarding facility in Bend, OR. They contacted us because they wanted to establish themselves as a leader in their local pet boarding market. To accomplish this goal we looked into their business and their competition to develop a personalized strategy for them!

Here are some of the basics of the strategies we employed.

Logos & Brand Ideas

A logo and brand for your business is incredibly important. When you think of Apple or McDonald’s you already have a very defined image of these two brands in your head. You want a similar effect for your business. Something recognizable but attractive. We enjoyed brainstorming to find Bend Kitty Lodge an attractive logo that flowed nicely and that identified their industry.

Website Design

Our newer website design was designed to combine user experience with our SEO experience, to create a site that matched industry standards so the users wouldn’t be confused when they landed, while also standing out as unique. Matching keywords and phrases like cat boarding with their location, Bend OR, within the copy and meta tags for the site made it a strong site to land on.

Social Media

You see cats all over the internet. That’s what made this particular client exciting. How were we going to create an audience on social media when they are typically flooded with content? We had to adapt many times, but by creating exciting images and in-depth content we were able to draw more people to the website.

At Brainjar Media we are dedicated to making sure your business, corporation or organization reaches the people you want it to. We practice only the most effective SEO strategies and have successfully optimized some of the largest brands in America. Contact Brainjar Media for your Search Engine Optimization needs or call us at 503.492.6500.

Read more about our client Bend Kitty Lodge on our Portfolio page.

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