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For experienced assistance in promoting your business, rely on Brainjar Media! Brainjar Media has helped a wide variety of businesses, corporations, and local organizations – and we’re ready to help your business, too. We love that we get to work with such a diverse group of clients, each offering their own unique challenges. When you hire Brainjar Media, you’re hiring a company that has developed a diverse set of skills to help your business. Each client in our portfolio calls for a different set of strategies that showcases our range of expertise. We’re eager to work with you to figure out which strategies will best benefit your business.

Allure Window Coverings Is The Top Name In Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Allure Window Coverings is a locally owned window treatment company that carries all the latest in Hunter Douglas window treatments. On top of selling amazing Hunter Douglas window treatments, Allure Window Coverings offers award-winning window treatment and interior design services. Allure Window Coverings offers one-of-a-kind convenience by bringing their products and services directly to their customers with the aid of their mobile showroom. To make sure that hopeful customers can find Allure Window Coverings, Brainjar Media has employed our extensive skills in SEO to drive more traffic to Allure Window Covering’s website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you may find yourself wondering “What is SEO?” SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is the process by which we promote traffic to your website by ensuring that your website appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. There are a few ways we do this.

Keyword Research

With a bit of research, Brainjar Media is able to identify which keywords are relevant to your business and industry. We can find out how people are using these keywords to search online and use these keywords to connect your website to your customers. For example, for Allure Window Coverings we would look for keywords relevant to window treatments and interior design. What keywords are customers using as they search for these services? How can we make sure that Allure Window Coverings appears high on the list of returned results for those keywords? When implemented correctly, your business, like Allure Window Coverings, will appear as a top result to a wide range of keywords related to your business.

Competitive Analysis

Another facet of search engine optimization is competitive analysis. While making a competitive analysis to improve SEO, Brainjar will assess the current state of your website, investigate local and national competitors, and then develop a strategy for increasing your online visibility. Basically, this means finding the successful tools and keywords your competition uses and turning it against them to benefit your website. For Allure Window Coverings, this meant making sure that Allure Window Coverings shows up higher on results than other window treatment businesses. We can determine what your competitor is doing right and wrong with their SEO and turn that to your benefit.

Local SEO

A local SEO strategy focuses on making your business visible to your local market. Brainjar Media optimizes Google Business, Yelp, Maps, and other engines to help your local customers find you easier. We can help create website content that is optimized for your locations and research directories to increase your local visibility. For Allure Window Coverings, this strategy has helped them compete with other well-known window treatment services in their area. After all, when there’s more than one local business offering the same services, competition can be tight. Give your business the cutting edge it needs with local SEO services from Brainjar Media!

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