5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2015

Posted by Guy Edwards on Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 Social media marketing predictions for 2015


1. Facebook Will Be Pay To Play
Fan pages are still a great way to build a loyal audience, but due to the new advertising structure Facebook introduced last year organic reach has diminished. Simply put, you can no longer reach the same amount of people you used to without paying out some cash. Even smaller business should set a side a small budget—even more importantly you will want to hire a professional at social media marketing to spend those dollars wisely.

2. Content Marketing is Key and Blogging is the Platform
For those of you that are unfamiliar, Content Marketing is the new way all successful businesses are marketing (read Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing). Creating great content and driving traffic back to your site will remain the best way to generate organic leads. This means if you aren’t blogging, you can’t afford to hold off any longer.

3. Mobile Isn’t Just For Teens
Content will continue to be consumed through mobile apps at a staggering pace. But Snapchat and Instagram will no longer be just for teens and millennials. If you want to reach people on the go, mobile is the place to be.

4. Shorter Attention Spans Require More Visuals
With more content to compete with, we need to capture the attention of our audience at faster rates. Visuals can do that better than text, which means you will need a very strong visual content strategy to stay relevant and get the attention you deserve.

5. Video Will Help Build Relationships
Educational, value-driven, customer service or just plain fun, consumers will be looking at video as a way to build trust with a business. Think about incorporating short and longer form video to cover all the gaps.

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