3 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Essential

Posted by Guy Edwards on Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Content Marketing sounds a little like a buzzword, at least to me, I’m not a fan of anything that sounds like it’s supposed to replace traditional marketing. However, this is not necessarily the case for Content Marketing. It still has the same goals as traditional marketing (bringing a targeted audience to your product or service), but it does a little more in engaging your customers by treating them like an audience.  Armando Roggio at Practical eCommerce defines it as, “…the art and science of creating, publishing, distributing, and promoting content with the aim of attracting, engaging, or retaining customers.”

For businesses this could be a blog, a you-tube video, or an interesting post or tweet that is loosely related to your brand, but more importantly a value to your customers and potential customers. If you are in the coffee industry share a coffee recipe to showcase the versatility of your product. If you have a car repair service, let people know what the check engine light means.

Below are three reasons Amando Roggio thinks Content Marketing will be even more important moving forward.

First, content marketing can often reach customers who are otherwise inundated with promotions and ads — the same folks that use an online ad blocker to hide banner advertising also seek out articles, podcasts, and videos that they find helpful, entertaining, or interesting, even when those videos are obviously related to products and e-commerce.

Second, content marketing is relatively easy to measure so that savvy marketers can track engagement with content directly to sales. Using cookies, data from social logins, Google Analytics data, and similar methods, it is possible to know a lot about how a particular bit of content drives e-commerce sales.

Third, content marketing has become vital for attracting organic traffic from search engines. The best practitioners are not keyword stuffing, worried about keyword density, or getting lots of low-quality links. Rather they are focused on creating content that folks want to read and that search engines will likely index.

Within the context of these three strengths — reach, easy measurement, and traffic magnet  — content marketing is a very effective tool, which is why it is likely to become even more important for marketers in 2015 and beyond.

In addition to why Content Marketing is important you can read Mr. Roggio’s full article “Four Content Marketing Trends in 2015

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