What Are Local SEO Rankings & How Can I Improve Them?

Posted by Lilly R on Friday, November 11, 2016


Local businesses are the heartbeat of your community and they have to be taken care of to thrive. The majority of your future customers are looking online for products and services near them. Local SEO is more location specific making it different from organic SEO. If your business doesn’t show up online, your customers will have a hard time finding you. Local SEO can help customers in your area find your business. Here are a few factors involved in maximizing localized SEO.

Local SEO rankings

“Several factors impact your local SEO ranking, so you need to know what they are and understand how to maximize them to keep your ranking high,” Hong said. By utilizing data available from several sources, he told me, he discovered that the top SEO local ranking factors for 2016 are:

  • Links — this is important for both organic and local SEO
  • Website SEO Ranking Signals, which includes keywords and content length
  • Google My Business Signals, which includes reviews and photos and an owner-verified profile

The higher a company’s organic SEO, the better its local SEO ranking will be, and the more impactful component its links. “If you want your Google My Business page to rank high in the search engines, you need to invest in SEO for your website and have a strategy that is focused on building links for your website,” Hong explained. “Without an SEO strategy, your Google My Business page will be ranked lower, which puts your business at a competitive disadvantage.”

Are you locally optimized? Brainjar Media can help your business reach your local audience employing many tactics to maximize your local SEO. Call us today for your Search Engine Optimization needs at 503.929.7436.

SRC: Click to learn more about why you should maximize your local SEO.

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