Top 3 Ways To Build Links To Your Website

Posted by Guy Edwards on Monday, March 9, 2015

Link building is important. Unless other websites are linking to yours, Google thinks you’re a nothing burger. Search engines like Google actually count how many websites link back to yours and gives you higher visibility when people are searching for your product, brand or service. Below are 3 ways search engines recommend getting more backlinks.

1. Guest Blog & Get Others To Do It, Too.
Blogs are still the number one way to generate content that is specific to your industry. Plus if you guest write on someone’s blog you can create a backlink to your website.

2. Make Infographics
Info graphics are a great way for people to consume information. People like info graphics so much it is like catnip for social media sharing.

3. Get Active On Social
You can create your own backlinks through social media. If you Facebook,
Tweet, or Pin a link to your own website, it still counts as a backlink!

Blogging, InfoGraphics and Social Media are all part of our highly calibrated successful strategy we bring to clients, call us or contact Brainjar Media today

SRC: Read two more tips for ways to build liks to your website at Search Engine Land.

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