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Posted by Guy Edwards on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brainjar Media_Digital Marketing Agency_Local SEO for small businessesYour company may provide a fantastic service or an amazing product, but if your website is not optimized you’re missing out on business. Most business owners have become aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the competitive advantage it provides. The small-to-medium sized businesses who depend on reaching an audience in their geographic area are especially in need of local optimization. With smart phones serving information based on geo-location, local SEO is more powerful and more important than ever. If a potential customer is just around the corner from you, but your business doesn’t show up on their phone—they may never find you. Read how CEO of 411 Locals, Konstantin Stoyanov answers Forbes contributor, AJ Agrawal’s question “What’s the key to making a small business a success on the internet?” below.

Agrawal: What’s the key to making a small business a success on the Internet?

Stoyanov: There are three keys to making a business a success on the Internet. First, the company must set clear and realistic long-term goals. That includes detailed planning about how to reach those goals. That’s a strategic initiative that gives a “big picture” view of how the company will reach its target market. Second, there must be adaptability to changes. First, the company must adapt to changes in the Google ranking algorithm. The algorithm that Google uses to rank pages today will almost certainly not be the same as it is a year from now. Also, businesses need to respond to the efforts of their competitors. If a competitor is ranking higher for a specific keyword all of a sudden, research is needed to determine what’s happening and to respond with the appropriate optimization effort. Finally, there needs to be open communication between the client and the agency.

If you own a small-to-medium sized business and are not locally optimized we can help. Brainjar Media helps small businesses reach their local audience and improve their rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). If you’re ready increase your online visibility call Brainjar Media at 503.929.7436 now!

SRC: Read more from 411 Locals CEO, Stoyanov at: www.forbes.com/sites/ajagrawal/2016/01/26/how-to-implement-local-seo-in-your-business/#47fb298c9f29

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