Case Study: DA Leather Facebook Facelift

DA Leather creates high quality handmade and embossed leather goods. All the custom leather accessories are hand-crafted by Dean Ackerson himself. While we will eventually have a new website, today we worked on giving DA Leather's Facebook Page a facelift.

At Brainjar Media, we consider an informative Facebook profile picture to be one of the six essentials for your Facebook business page (call us at 503.929.7436 for the other five essentials). A good profile picture should have contact information and a description of what you do.

The other thing to consider is how your profile picture shows up as a thumbnail. You can see in the before and after photo above, not only is the profile picture a lot stronger, but the square thumbnails clearly has the DA brand. These square thumbnails show up in all of your post and comments.

Optimize your Facebook business page with the six essentials today. Call  503.929.7436.

Why Google+ Business Pages Are Important

Have you been wondering if your business should have a Google+ page? Google+ Business pages are finally coming into their own. I know what your thinking, I just got on Facebook, do I really need to manage another page? The short answer is yes. If you want to grow your business or outpace your competition, the answer is yes.

Among the obvious reasons is the relationship to Google's search engine. Any content you add to your Google+ Business page will rank really well in search Results. Google+ is also great for reputation management. Read the Search Engine Land article below to understand how You can use Google+ for your business, or have Brainjar Media take care of it for you! Call us at 503.929.7436!

Why Google+ Business Pages Are Important

Google is slowly seeping Google+ content and pages into their normal search results. Due to this favoritism and the connection that is possible with the parent site, there are many implications for gaining more branded search space.
It has always been a common practice in online reputation management to work with the profiles, domains, subdomains, directories, blogs, article sites, etc. that rank well  in Google. The reason being that they allow the company to gain more branded search space and reduce the amount of negative listings.
With this in mind, Google+ Business Pages are ranking incredibly well, when configured correctly of course, for branded terms. Let’s take a look.
Here, we see what appeared in search results after a query for Toyota. The user was not logged into Google when performing this search. In this Toyota example, note that there is not only a listing for their profile, but also a listing of two of the most recent posts they have done on their Google+ page.
When taking into account their sitelinks as well, we see that they have successfully secured a great deal of real estate on the first page. You will notice here that the first page now shows more than ten listings. For those of you who are unaware, Google has been testing extending the first page results.
As Google+ becomes increasingly ingrained in the Google search space, the implication for online reputation management and overall branded search space is that marketing messaging will only increase.
As of this moment, Google+ Business Pages are only showing up for a limited amount of queries. In addition, with all of the testing and changes currently taking place ,we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Why Having A Google+ Branded Page Can Help Your Online Reputation

Posting favorable content to Google+ could quickly show up in your branded search space. Think of the implications. You can announce that holiday sale during Christmas or tell the world about the charity you just donated to.
Promote other items you would like to rank in your branded search space. Any great news that comes out about your company you can post to your page.
This will allow you to not only get it ranked in the temporary area, but if it is well received, it will generate external links and Google+1′s. This will increase the likelihood that it will rank well in a more long-term segment of the search space.

Summing It All Up

Online reputation management is a simple process of trying to remove bad reviews, deal with the ones that you can’t get rid of, and promoting the positive. Google+ Business Pages offer a tremendous opportunity for the latter, and businesses of any size should make sure to do their best to take advantage of this.
While the profiles are still new, they have demonstrated value for a select few brands at this point and this should be noted. If Google continues to bring emphasis to Google+ Business Pages and their posts in search results, while increasing the association of Google+ Business Pages and the website they belong to, this strategy will become all the more popular. Being an early adopter could pay dividends with respect to your online reputation.
Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.